Spousal Support

Determining Spousal Support

The Pittsburgh Spousal Support Attorneys at Schmidt Bresnahan Law Group know that the breakdown of a marriage puts a serious strain on personal finances. In both marital separation and divorce, what was one household budget becomes two separate budgets. It is very common for divorcing spouses to ask the very important questions concerning spousal support and alimony.

When there is a disparity in income between the two spouses, the issues of spousal support, alimony, pendente lite and post-divorce alimony can be complex and begin at the time of separation. Upon separation, the court may order an independent spouse to pay spousal support to the dependent spouse before divorce papers are filed. Spousal support becomes alimony pendente lite (APL), which means temporary alimony while the case remains in the divorce court.

Pennsylvania law expects divorcing spouses to support each other before the final decree is issued. Pennsylvania courts also have wide discretion to order post-divorce alimony. Our Pittsburgh spousal support and alimony attorneys have vast experience obtaining favorable outcomes in financial issues tied to divorce.

Pittsburgh Spousal Support Attorneys, Schmidt Bresnahan Law Group have been representing clients in middle-income, upper-income and high net worth divorce cases for many years. Our Pittsburgh Spousal support attorneys are driven to learn all aspects of our clients’ individual situation as every spousal support situation is unique. Because of the immediacy of determining support issues, our support attorneys will fully assess your situation and create a plan concerning spousal support during your initial consultation.

Throughout the divorce process, Pittsburgh Spousal Support Attorneys Schmidt Bresnahan Law Group will fight to protect your interests through effective negotiations backed by our trial-proven skills. Our support attorneys are dedicated to exceptional personal service, answering your concerns and guiding you through a very difficult time in your life.

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