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Dividing Property Fairly In A Divorce

Dividing property in a Pittsburgh or Pennsylvania divorce is frequently a contentious and emotional process that involves more than identifying the assets and liabilities that are part of the marital estate. Pennsylvania law recognizes the equitable division of marital assets. Identifying assets is a vital first step. Pittsburgh Property Division Attorney Heather Schmidt Bresnahan takes a comprehensive approach to resolving property division to protect the rights of our clients.

A common misperception is that there will be a 50-50 split of marital property and debts. The complex family law concept of equitable division involves a more global approach in determining what is equitable given the specific circumstances of your marriage.

The experienced property division attorneys of will address the many concerns that influence the equitable division of marital property, including:

Our Pittsburgh property division lawyers of Schmidt Bresnahan Law Group know that Identifying assets can be complex: Many middle-income households have a variety of valuable assets that fall within the marital estate. Bank accounts, retirement accounts, real estate, vacation homes, oil and gas rights, boats, vacation homes and cars are common assets.

Finding hidden assets: Many high net worth cases involve complex financial structures. Our Pittsburgh property division attorneys know how to analyze assets and will team with other financial professionals to uncover hidden family investments.

Debt division: Mid-level and high net worth divorces often involve equitably resolving who will be responsible for medical bills, credit card debt, personal loans and liabilities that arose during the marriage regardless of which spouse incurred the debt.

Tax considerations: The tax implications of investments can vary greatly. Large capital gains may dilute the true worth of an investment.

In addition to the debts and liabilities involved in a divorce, Pennsylvania law takes into account nonfinancial factors in addressing the division of property. The age of each spouse, his and her educational background and, in cases involving children, who will have primary custody of the kids are all important considerations in determining the equitable division of property. As an experienced lawyer, Our Pittsburgh, PA property division attorneys will fully investigate all aspects of your situation and fight for the most favorable outcome on your behalf.

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