Postnuptial Agreements

It is never too late to enter into a marriage contract to outline how your finances should be unraveled if your marriage ends in divorce. Postnuptial agreements are contracts that married couples enter into, often after a significant change of circumstances has arisen, such as one spouse receiving an inheritance. Couples contemplating separation or divorce may decide to outline how property will be divided and address the issues of support and alimony to reduce the aggravation that these financial issues cause in a dissolution.

Cohabitation Agreements Provide Protection And Peace Of Mind For Unmarried Couples

Unmarried couples who live together often do not know where to turn to protect their rights if the relationship breaks down. As an experienced postnuptial agreements attorney, Heather Schmidt Bresnahan knows that the family and divorce laws in Pennsylvania are directed at married couples. Our Pittsburgh postnuptial agreements lawyers have drafted and reviewed cohabitation agreements to protect individuals who want to protect their interests in the event their relationship comes to an end.

Many unmarried couples, whether of the same or opposite sexes, find peace of mind in entering into a cohabitation agreement. The contract provides protection if one partner passes away or the couple decides to end the relationship.

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