Grandparents’ Custody Rights

The initial step in a custody case is to establish whether a grandparent, has the right to bring forth a legal action for child custody. Since law revisions in 2011, grandparents who stand in for a parent have the ability to attempt to acquire legal and primary physical custody if specific details are satisfied in the given situation:

The child’s relationship with the grandparent started with the consent of a parent.

You as the grandparent are fully willing to assume all responsibility for the child

One of a or b apply, (a) the child is considered a dependent under the Juvenile Act and (b) the child is significantly at risk due to, neglect, Parents abuse, substance abuse or is incapacitated OR (c) the child be located in with the grandparent for at least 1 year, If this is the case then the grandparent must make the request within 6 months of the child’s removal from the parents.

In order to move forward and have a chance of getting custody, the decision must be in the best interest of the child. If you are seeking child custody or even partial custody, contact our Pittsburgh Grandparents’ Custody Attorneys today.